Driven by passion for science with a keen edge
Daniel Shaposhnikov

Since 2007, Daniel has established himself as a successful founder and investor, accumulating a wealth of experience and expertise in the realms of Deeptech and IT.

Currently Daniel is a Managing Partner in Phystech Ventures, leading AI/ML, energy and mobility verticals.

Also co-founder and CEO of a hydrogen startup (now known as HyPoint) acquired by ZeroAvia in 2022.

Daniel actively engages in mentorship at Alchemist Accelerator while also contributing as the author of the Deeptech Blog on Medium.

Daniel is an angel investor in 6 Deeptech startups.

Ivan Protopopov

Ivan has been working in Venture Capital and Private Equity since 2010, spending all this time in various leadership positions focused on outstanding deals.

He co-founded Phystech Ventures in 2013 and is currently serving as a Managing Partner and CEO of the firm. Prior to Phystech Ventures, he worked on putting together strategy and funding for high-tech startups and invested at pre-seed stage as an angel, with 4 three-digit IRR exits.

Ivan is actively interested in later stage deals of Phystech, serves on a number of boards and is also responsible for Life Sciences and SpaceTech pipelines of the firm.

Over the past few years, he has been transferring his expertise to a new generation of fund managers, having authored his trademark deep-dive course on VC/PE funding instruments aka “What Makes a Deal Great”.