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Val Miftakhov, an MD at MIPT and PhD at Princeton, is turning the possibility of hydrogen-powered aviation into a reality. So far, the company has successfully raised $70M+ in funding from major investors, including Amazon, Breakthrough Energy Ventures (Bill Gates), Horizon, Summa PE and others.

ID Quantique

Dr. Grégoire Ribordy and Prof. Nicolas Gisin from the University of Geneva built a market-leading technology in quantum-safe network encryption. The company was subsequently acquired by SK Telecom.

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SK Telecom
RRT Global

Oleg Parputs and Oleg Giyazov successfully created a revolutionary catalytic distillation technology to produce clean Euro 5 gasoline at a 3x less CAPEX and 5x less energy cost. The company was later acquired by KBR in 2019.

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Coda Devices

With Coda Devices, Duke University’s David Brady and Anatoly Konukhov revolutionized the world of Raman spectroscopy and pushed the boundaries of its application, resulting in the company’s acquisition in 2019.

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Alex Redkin and Oleg Syutin (both Intel alumni - Intel acquired Oleg’s company) disrupted the computer industry by developing the first commercial RISC-V IP cores. The company was later acquired by Yadro, part of the USM group.

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