We partner long-term with our portfolio companies, often acting as their first institutional investor
AI Driller logotype
AI Driller
AI Driller is an AI-powered drilling intelligence platform that seamlessly integrates with rig control systems. We co-invested in this company with Kerogen Capital (UK PE with $2B+ AUM).
AREVO logotype
AREVO is a manufacturer of industrial 3D printers, with a focus on printing large-format, continuous carbon fiber parts. AREVO printers are hosted on a 6-axis industrial robot, with a rotating build table. This enables build volumes of 1 cubic meter, and the highest strength possible for printed materials.
Abagy logotype
Abagy is the creator of a cloud-based software platform for the installation and running of industrial robots without programming, based on real-time machine vision and CAD model recognition technologies.
AllRight logotype
Allright has developed an online educational software platform to provide English learning for children ages 4-12, through a blend of remote live tutors, AI tutor control, and an AI-powered app.
Axel logotype
Axel develops advanced MWD/LWD data processing algorithms and telemetry tools. They are currently used in 17 companies from 9 countries, including those operating in the North Sea, Pacific Ocean, and Middle East.
HyPoint logotype
A pioneer in hydrogen fuel cells, Hypoint is producing the next generation energy systems (100+ kW) for air mobility, with its cells achieving 5x higher energy density compared to batteries.
Lex logotype
Lex is a producer of ultra-high-speed ESPs (12,000+ RPM) with clients in 5 continents incl. Shell, Eni, OMV and Perenco.
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MEL Science
MEL Science sells educational sets and VR lessons for interactive chemistry classes. The company was founded by Vassili Philippov, the former COO of SPB Soft, which was later acquired by Yandex for $38M.
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ML One
ML One offers enhanced sidetrack and multilateral completion systems, challenging major players on the $7B completion market. ML One has already signed Tier 1 clients in both Russia and Saudi Arabia.
Osome logotype
Osome provides AI-powered back-office services to enterprises in Singapore, the UK, and Hong Kong, utilizing its AI bots to carry out registration, accounting, and taxation. The company currently has 3,600 paying customers.
Perfobur logotype
Perfobur is the creator of a mechanical radial drilling technology with the ability to re-enter the laterals. This offers a 5x cost reduction compared to sidetracking in both oil and gas wells.
RFSens logotype
RFSens develops passive wireless sensors for the energy industry that are able to perform temperature, current, and ID tracking, as well as manage grid capacity by using real-time measurements.
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UVL Robotics
UVL is a global provider of cutting-edge drone-based solutions with AI for logistics and warehouse inventory services.Its core customers are 3PL, FMCG and e-commerce companies, including Kuehne + Nagel, FM Logistics, Oman Post, and PepsiCo.
Welldone logotype
Welldone is a plant-based meat producer with strong R&D and sourcing in Russia They are currently the national leader in plant-based meat, serving a market of 140M+ people.
ZeroAvia logotype
ZeroAvia is the world leader in zero-emission, H2-powered aviation. Founded by Val Miftakhov (ex-CEO of eMotorWerks, sold to Enel for $200M+), and backed by both Amazon and Breakthrough EV.
testRigor logotype
testRigor uses AI to help its customers to decrease test maintenance by 200x, speed up test creation by 20x, and empower manual QA to create tests.
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tota systems
Tota Systems is a pioneer in the digital oilfield market, providing real-time well analytics, based on distributed temperature and pressure sensors, as well as intelligent completion.
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AT Energy
Acquired by HyPoint
A developer of PEM fuel cells with a MetOx catalyst and self-humidifying membrane for unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as stationary and portable solutions. Its fuel cells are cheap, light, and stable.
Coda Devices logotype
Coda Devices
Acquired by Thorlabs
A developer of high-accuracy and affordable code-aperture-based Raman spectrometers.
Geonaft logotype
Acquired by Zyfra
Geonaft develops software for real-time drilling optimization in geosteering, geomechanics (1D and 3D), petrophysics, and fracking design. Example customers include Shell, Halliburton, and Rosneft.
ID Quantique logotype
ID Quantique
Acquired by SK Telecom
A provider of quantum-safe crypto services designed to protect data for the long-term future. The company offers quantum-safe network encryption, secure quantum key generation, and quantum key distribution services.
RRT Global logotype
RRT Global
Acquired by KBR
An innovator of isomerization technology for the production of Euro 5 gasoline: its solution offers a 3x lower CAPEX and 5x lower energy cost compared to UOP/Axens.
Spitch logotype
Spitch is the creator of an AI-based voice-to-voice, omni-channel conversational platform, with 24 customers in 4 countries. They are currently the #1 provider of B2B and B2C conversational AI in Switzerland.
Syntacore logotype
Acquired by Yadro
A provider of IP Core designs on RISC-V architecture, optimized for on-board voice recognition, blockchain, and AI.
Terratec logotype
Acquired by Perfobur
Terratec offers a number of EOR technologies for well stimulation. Its core Terraflow technology is a hybrid seismic and chemical treatment for injection wells.